For the past six years the Clemons Company has assisted our staff in selecting a variety of group benefits for our 85+ employees and their dependants. We have been especially pleased with their efforts to hold employee meetings at a variety of locations. Their overall efforts on behalf of our city and its employees have been excellent!

City Clerk/Municipality

The Clemons Company has been involved in providing employee benefits to our one hundred twenty full-time staff members for many years. In 2009, they were very helpful with our transitioning from a fully-insured health plan to a self-insured health plan. We feel that they have been very conscientious and very responsive to the needs of our staff.

HR Director/Non Profit

Our school completed a thorough bid and search process to secure a high quality company to broker our insurance needs. Our Board of Directors were frankly overwhelmed by the company we selected. The Clemons Company not only was exemplary in their presentation of their services, but they immediately and continuously fulfilled every element we sought for high quality performance by a firm.

CEO/Charter School

The Clemons Company has administered our group health insurance and other group plans for our two hundred fifty full-time employees for more than seven years. During that period of time, we feel that their level of service has been excellent, and they have been most responsive to any questions or requests that we might have. We are especially pleased with their ability to communicate and explain the various group benefits.

City Manager/Municipality

The Clemons Company has assisted in the administration of our health plans for our one thousand four hundred employees for nearly ten years. They have been especially helpful in establishing a relationship with a high quality third party administration company.

HR Director/Regional Hospital

Clemons Company has provided our company with the very highest quality customer service for decades. Every year they provide many group and individual meetings with our staff throughout our service region. Clemons Company personnel are always reliable and responsive to our management and staff with answers to simple and very complex questions. We have consistently experienced Clemons Company as a professional, courteous, informative and cost conscientious business with a group of people who really care about the needs of everyone they serve.

CEO/Non Profit